1. Answer 1 – Face With Tears of Joy
  2. Answer 2 – Dalgona espresso
  3. Answer 3 – Among Us
  4. Answer 4 – Virat and Anushka’s child
  5. Answer 5 – Biryani
  6. Answer 6 – Genda Phool
Amazon Trends 2020 Quiz Full Question Answers – 
  1. As per Twitter, what emoji topped the listing of most-Tweeted emojis on Twitter around the globe in 2020?
    Face With Tears of Joy
  2. Made with espresso, granulated sugar, sizzling water, and sizzling milk, what grew to become probably the most searched recipe of 2020 on Google 2020 high developments listing?
    Dalgona espresso
  3. In which of those on-line video games, that went viral in 2020 is every participant designated as both a “crewmate” or an “impostor”?
    Among Us
  4. “And then, we have been three! Arriving Jan 2021″ grew to become probably the most favored tweet in India of 2020. What was the tweet saying?
    Virat and Anushka’s child
  5. As of 25th July 2020, with 44,30,zero08 orders on Zomato and 5.5 lakh on Swiggy, what dish grew to become probably the most ordered in India throughout lockdown?
  6. Which of those songs from Badshah grew to become Youtube’s most watched music video of 2020 in India?
    Genda Phool